Friday, June 25, 2010

Route of Land(Path 0-An Order)

A soldier walked inside a very dark place and stepped on a magic circle. He knelt down while waiting for his orders.

"There are seven holy weapons hidden in this universe. They are seraph sword,gunge lance,angel bow,fairy rod,saint gun,heaven boomerang,and divine axe.They are scattered in seven different places which even our intelligence cannot detect them.Yet,a legend says that seven chosen ones will go through their own routes and will eventually obtain them.Your mission is to retrieve your designated weapon on your designated route.As a beginning, you are given 200 Gleds and a compass which reacts upon on your designated weapon.Now,go!" A mysterious sound suddenly commanded him. No one was able to see anything except the entrance.

"Yes, my lord," He stood up and walked out from place.

"I'm counting on you, Syrfan Sigmeund," The mysterious sound echoed the place. The mission starts....

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