Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Route of Land(Path 4-Information)

Syrfan and the villagers were gathering in the Hare Hair Tavern,the only tavern in Hare village ran by Hynof.

"So, you know about the person who kills the guard?" Hynof asked him.

"Yes, he is a criminal who known to kill gurads only," Syrfan answered.

"His name is Nazyl Dugron, right?"Hynof added.

"Yes, and..." Syrfan answered again. Suddenly he cried.

"My son, how come he becomes a filthy person?"

"I understand. Now, I need to know the whereabouts of the holy weapons. And you are Hynof Dugron, right?" Syrfan's voice became serious.

"Well, well, we don't know what the heck the holy weapons are, but I suggest that you get some better equipments at Zard if you are intending to continue your quest. And, I'm indeed Hynof Dugron," Hynof Sighed.

"Zard? Isn't that Zard is just an archeological site?" Syrfan was wondering what was Hynof Saying.

"There are treasures yet to be found in that site and whoever finds them,they can have the treasures," Hynof laughed.

"Thanks." Syrfan tried to leave but stopped by Hynof.

"That site is a prohibited zone from 2000-0800. So, please stay here until 0800," Hynof explained the situation.

"I guess since that a lot of people are here, I guess we can open to some fun questions," Syrfan looked at the villagers.

"We have nothing to ask. Have some nice sleep," The villagers left the tavern.

"So, can I sleep here?" Syrfan laid himself on the ground.

"Yes," Hynof left the tavern. The night was peaceful. But, he does not know what is going to happen next....

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