Saturday, June 26, 2010

Route of Land(Path 1-Engage)

"Looks like this will be a tough one," Syrfan was mumbling to himself. He went out from the lord's chamber,walked along the main hallway,which looked like a tunnel and stumbled with a solider.

"Don't forget you are a S-grade knight,Syrfan.We are all counting for you," A solider guarding the Lord's chamber replied.

"Yes,I'm going!" Syrfan leaved the castle,located at the center of Dugras,the capital of Zyland.

"That brat always leaves the castle of Brom like this as if he is lord Wirt,"The solider was mumbling. Then, he walked towards Schmidt's bar,located near the north gate.That bar was owned by Schmidt and was always full with customers.The bar is made from wood and emits scent that adds the flavor to the liquor served there.

"Over here,you 'scum'!" Schmidt yelled at him. Syrfan is called scum by the bar's regular customers because each time he appears,he will attract unwelcomed guests,but not this time.He quickly went to the counter,located at the northwest corner.

"I heard that you are given a mission, right?" Schmidt asked Syrfan.

"Yes,so what you'll give me this time?" Syrfan answered him.

"Take this,"Schmidt handed over a red card to him. It was a transport pass,which allows its holder to use any transportations for free.

"But,..." Syrfan felt weird about his gift.

"I'm going to close this bar and go back to my village to take care of my grandchildren. Use it wisely," Schimdt leaved the bar.

"Thanks, old one," Syrfan felt very grateful. “I guess I won’t use it anyway….” He left the bar and tried to went out from the capital of Dugras but when he arrived at the north gate,a person stopped him.

"Hold on, young brave warrior," A fortune teller blocked his path.The fortune teller is called Fie Sephin, the royal astrology adviser and fortune teller. She is also Syrfan's girlfriend since they were teenagers.

"What is your final advice, Fie?" Syrfan pointed his sword to her head.

"You are taking the route of land, as my crystal ball shows," Fie gave him instructions.

"What are you mention it. Can you explain it to me?" Syrfan wondered what she said.

"The seven holy weapons that Lord Wirt mentions can be accessed only via the seven routes. They are route of land, which is your route, route of water, route of earth, route of sky, route of space,route of heaven and route of hell. Each route leads to a holy weapon. I know nothing to which holy weapon will you get,"

"May God bless you to your success," Fie cried.

"Don't worry. I'll be just as fine," Syrfan kissed Fie and left the capital. The journey begins...

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