Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Route of Land(Path 5-Ruins of Ex-capital)

The next morning,Syrfan woke up and found something near the door.
"A letter, eh?" He picked up the letter and read:

"There are important things that you need to know:
1.Please get the night vision device from the site workers, as they will stop excavating the ruins to allow you explore the ruins freely and they won't use it until you are done.
2.Be careful that there are monsters in the ruin.Most of them are fear towards mining axes. Get one from them too.
3.This place is a restricted zone, so mention my name and they will allow you to pass. The pass code is "Lyron Zast Staguras".Be sure to tell this pass code to them if they requested.
4.As a reminder, the ruin is a prohibited zone at 2000-0800. Teleport out of that ruins before the time is up.
5.There is a rumor that there is a guardian who guards the equipment that you need. Get some medicine or herbs before you go there.
6.This place is considered a heritage by the world heritage committee of planet Lefrad. So, don't leave anyting,include your footsteps and scratches in it.
My final advice, don't ever die in that ruin. Die somewhere else.

Hynof Dugron"

"That old dude....looks like I have to pay him a visit after I'm done," He went to the Zard ruins,located west of Hare village. He arrived there after two days and found out that the site workers were all dead or heavily wounded.

"Please...capture the impostors and save this ruin," A heavily wounded worker spoke with weak voice.

"Please rest," Syrfan healed the wounded workers.

"So, you are Syrfan Sigmeund?" A coarse male voice appeared from nowhere.

"Yes, who are you?" The man suddenly appeared in front of Syrfan.

"My name is Tefler Zargaso, an information collector." Tefler replied, an expert information collector in kingdom of Oszer, a country north of Zyland and leads the Oszer Union, the largest information collecting clan in Oszer.

"So, what are you doing here?" Syrfan suspected that he is the murderer.

"I'm chasing a wanted criminal from Oszer," Tefler answered as if he is framed.

"What does he want in a broken ruin in Zyland?" Syrfan urged him..

"I think it is the same with yours," Tefler replied.

"How do you know that?" Syrfan shocked with his answer.

"I am very powerful in collecting information, even if it is at the heaven and the hell." Tefler did not suprised with Syrfan's question.

"We won't get the criminal if we keep talking like this!" Syrfan started to become impatient.
"Then,let's go inside and fight that jerk!" Tefler agreed. They took the night vision and mining axe and went inside the ruin. They did not know that the ruins are not as same as before...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Route of Land(Path 4-Information)

Syrfan and the villagers were gathering in the Hare Hair Tavern,the only tavern in Hare village ran by Hynof.

"So, you know about the person who kills the guard?" Hynof asked him.

"Yes, he is a criminal who known to kill gurads only," Syrfan answered.

"His name is Nazyl Dugron, right?"Hynof added.

"Yes, and..." Syrfan answered again. Suddenly he cried.

"My son, how come he becomes a filthy person?"

"I understand. Now, I need to know the whereabouts of the holy weapons. And you are Hynof Dugron, right?" Syrfan's voice became serious.

"Well, well, we don't know what the heck the holy weapons are, but I suggest that you get some better equipments at Zard if you are intending to continue your quest. And, I'm indeed Hynof Dugron," Hynof Sighed.

"Zard? Isn't that Zard is just an archeological site?" Syrfan was wondering what was Hynof Saying.

"There are treasures yet to be found in that site and whoever finds them,they can have the treasures," Hynof laughed.

"Thanks." Syrfan tried to leave but stopped by Hynof.

"That site is a prohibited zone from 2000-0800. So, please stay here until 0800," Hynof explained the situation.

"I guess since that a lot of people are here, I guess we can open to some fun questions," Syrfan looked at the villagers.

"We have nothing to ask. Have some nice sleep," The villagers left the tavern.

"So, can I sleep here?" Syrfan laid himself on the ground.

"Yes," Hynof left the tavern. The night was peaceful. But, he does not know what is going to happen next....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Route of Land(Path 3-Battle With A Criminal)

After four days of traveling,Syrfan reached the outskirts of the Hair village.

"Well, well, who's coming here?" A guard was looking at someone.A minute later....

"Aaaaargh!" The guard was killed by a criminal called Nazyl Dugron,a wanted criminal in Zyland who known to kill guards.

"What the!" Syrfan shocked with the scream. He rushed to there and....

"Nazyl!" "Take that!" Syrfan performed the same shockwave attack. The villagers rushed out and saw the fight.

"That guard...wait...did that man say Nazyl?" The Hare village chief, Hynof Dugron thought something about the criminal,who is his son. At the meantime,

"That foolish attack won't work on me!" Nazyl deflected and countered the attack.

"Now,feel my power!" He used the same attack used by Syrfan just now.

"If that is it,then you are nothing but a crap!" Syrfan went towards the shockwave. He was running towards Nazyl while putting his sword on the ground.

"Isn't that the earth hawk attack?" The crowd stunned with his attack.

"Not that fast,sucker!" Nazyl taunted Syrfan. As Syrfan approached him,he lifted his sword upwards,deflecting the earth hawk attack,but a laser beam emerged from Syrfan's sword and hit him.Nazyl fell on the ground.

"Now,surrender or you'll die," Syrfan pointed his sword on Nazyl's throat. Other guards arrived and arrested Nazyl.

"Thanks for your help,young brave one," Hynof thanked him.

"It's too late by now,please come in. We have some important things to tell you," A guard told Syrfan to go into the village. Hare village becomes more lively as the chosen one is there.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Route of Land(Path 2-Siege)

"Well, better go to Hare village to get some rumors," Syrfan's mind was getting something. Hare village is located north east of Dugras known to be the center of the rumors in Zyland. Suddenly,

"How fortunate you get to be the chosen one, huh?" An archer with his several minions ambushed Syrfan near the capital's wall.

"Yeah, and you cannot stop me, Juan Kesyl!" Syrfan started his attack.

"Take this!" A circular wave spreaded from Syrfan's feet and blast them away.

"You'll regret for what you do to me today!" Juan warned Syrfan as he flew away to the woods.

"What?" Syrfan shocked when a monster emerged from the land.

"How dare you disturb my sleep?" A clay golem shouted angrily.

"So you want to fly too?" Syrfan used the same attack again.

"No...!" The clay golem's body was shattered.

"Better get going before another one strikes again," Syrfan was running while still shocked with the battles just now. He does not know that Fie's friend, Seft was watching the battles. Seft Itrag is a close friend of Fie and she is Fie's assistant.

"Looks like this is going to be interesting," Seft smiled like a devil. While Syfran stops running and walked along the main road,

"Hey, young warrior, come here for a cup of coffee," A "wak" (old man who runs a stall or any kind of sorts) yelling at him.

"Can I pack one instead?" Syrfan replied.

"OK," Then, two customers are chattering.

"I heard that he is the one responsible of the Zard incident," A customer whispered at another one.

"No, he does not look like Arwol," The other one replied.

"Who talks bad things about my father?" Syrfan smashed at a table near them.

"Is Arwol Hazran your father?" The "wak" urged him to answer.

"No, my father is Arwol Sigmeund. Sorry for the misunderstanding," Syrfan apologized to him. He added, "Who is Arwol Hazran, anyway?'

The wak sighed, "He is the one who attempts to destroy the seven holy weapons and causes the capital of Zard destroyed. As the result, Zard is now a ruin, the seven holy weapons were destroyed and Dugras is now the capital of this country,"

"Lord wirt flied to Dugras and built another castle as he planed to regain the seven holy weapons," A customer added.

"But I heard rumors that he wanted the seven holy weapons to reign over this planet," The other one added with anxiety.

"Whatever it is, you must regain the holy weapons. Otherwise, they will fall into the hands of evil and we are doomed," The "wak" concluded.

"1 Gled, young warrior." He gave the coffee to Syrfan. "I make this special discount for you,"

"Thanks," Syrfan paid for the coffee and leave the stall. "Too bad that I can't drink now," His mind was too focused on his journey for his to stop and drink. "Better go fast before it's too late,"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Route of Land(Path 1-Engage)

"Looks like this will be a tough one," Syrfan was mumbling to himself. He went out from the lord's chamber,walked along the main hallway,which looked like a tunnel and stumbled with a solider.

"Don't forget you are a S-grade knight,Syrfan.We are all counting for you," A solider guarding the Lord's chamber replied.

"Yes,I'm going!" Syrfan leaved the castle,located at the center of Dugras,the capital of Zyland.

"That brat always leaves the castle of Brom like this as if he is lord Wirt,"The solider was mumbling. Then, he walked towards Schmidt's bar,located near the north gate.That bar was owned by Schmidt and was always full with customers.The bar is made from wood and emits scent that adds the flavor to the liquor served there.

"Over here,you 'scum'!" Schmidt yelled at him. Syrfan is called scum by the bar's regular customers because each time he appears,he will attract unwelcomed guests,but not this time.He quickly went to the counter,located at the northwest corner.

"I heard that you are given a mission, right?" Schmidt asked Syrfan.

"Yes,so what you'll give me this time?" Syrfan answered him.

"Take this,"Schmidt handed over a red card to him. It was a transport pass,which allows its holder to use any transportations for free.

"But,..." Syrfan felt weird about his gift.

"I'm going to close this bar and go back to my village to take care of my grandchildren. Use it wisely," Schimdt leaved the bar.

"Thanks, old one," Syrfan felt very grateful. “I guess I won’t use it anyway….” He left the bar and tried to went out from the capital of Dugras but when he arrived at the north gate,a person stopped him.

"Hold on, young brave warrior," A fortune teller blocked his path.The fortune teller is called Fie Sephin, the royal astrology adviser and fortune teller. She is also Syrfan's girlfriend since they were teenagers.

"What is your final advice, Fie?" Syrfan pointed his sword to her head.

"You are taking the route of land, as my crystal ball shows," Fie gave him instructions.

"What are you mention it. Can you explain it to me?" Syrfan wondered what she said.

"The seven holy weapons that Lord Wirt mentions can be accessed only via the seven routes. They are route of land, which is your route, route of water, route of earth, route of sky, route of space,route of heaven and route of hell. Each route leads to a holy weapon. I know nothing to which holy weapon will you get,"

"May God bless you to your success," Fie cried.

"Don't worry. I'll be just as fine," Syrfan kissed Fie and left the capital. The journey begins...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Route of Land(Path 0-An Order)

A soldier walked inside a very dark place and stepped on a magic circle. He knelt down while waiting for his orders.

"There are seven holy weapons hidden in this universe. They are seraph sword,gunge lance,angel bow,fairy rod,saint gun,heaven boomerang,and divine axe.They are scattered in seven different places which even our intelligence cannot detect them.Yet,a legend says that seven chosen ones will go through their own routes and will eventually obtain them.Your mission is to retrieve your designated weapon on your designated route.As a beginning, you are given 200 Gleds and a compass which reacts upon on your designated weapon.Now,go!" A mysterious sound suddenly commanded him. No one was able to see anything except the entrance.

"Yes, my lord," He stood up and walked out from place.

"I'm counting on you, Syrfan Sigmeund," The mysterious sound echoed the place. The mission starts....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Route of Land Teaser

This is my mission...not only for my country...but also the fate of my world....

Coming soon 25/06/10....