Sunday, June 27, 2010

Route of Land(Path 2-Siege)

"Well, better go to Hare village to get some rumors," Syrfan's mind was getting something. Hare village is located north east of Dugras known to be the center of the rumors in Zyland. Suddenly,

"How fortunate you get to be the chosen one, huh?" An archer with his several minions ambushed Syrfan near the capital's wall.

"Yeah, and you cannot stop me, Juan Kesyl!" Syrfan started his attack.

"Take this!" A circular wave spreaded from Syrfan's feet and blast them away.

"You'll regret for what you do to me today!" Juan warned Syrfan as he flew away to the woods.

"What?" Syrfan shocked when a monster emerged from the land.

"How dare you disturb my sleep?" A clay golem shouted angrily.

"So you want to fly too?" Syrfan used the same attack again.

"No...!" The clay golem's body was shattered.

"Better get going before another one strikes again," Syrfan was running while still shocked with the battles just now. He does not know that Fie's friend, Seft was watching the battles. Seft Itrag is a close friend of Fie and she is Fie's assistant.

"Looks like this is going to be interesting," Seft smiled like a devil. While Syfran stops running and walked along the main road,

"Hey, young warrior, come here for a cup of coffee," A "wak" (old man who runs a stall or any kind of sorts) yelling at him.

"Can I pack one instead?" Syrfan replied.

"OK," Then, two customers are chattering.

"I heard that he is the one responsible of the Zard incident," A customer whispered at another one.

"No, he does not look like Arwol," The other one replied.

"Who talks bad things about my father?" Syrfan smashed at a table near them.

"Is Arwol Hazran your father?" The "wak" urged him to answer.

"No, my father is Arwol Sigmeund. Sorry for the misunderstanding," Syrfan apologized to him. He added, "Who is Arwol Hazran, anyway?'

The wak sighed, "He is the one who attempts to destroy the seven holy weapons and causes the capital of Zard destroyed. As the result, Zard is now a ruin, the seven holy weapons were destroyed and Dugras is now the capital of this country,"

"Lord wirt flied to Dugras and built another castle as he planed to regain the seven holy weapons," A customer added.

"But I heard rumors that he wanted the seven holy weapons to reign over this planet," The other one added with anxiety.

"Whatever it is, you must regain the holy weapons. Otherwise, they will fall into the hands of evil and we are doomed," The "wak" concluded.

"1 Gled, young warrior." He gave the coffee to Syrfan. "I make this special discount for you,"

"Thanks," Syrfan paid for the coffee and leave the stall. "Too bad that I can't drink now," His mind was too focused on his journey for his to stop and drink. "Better go fast before it's too late,"

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