Monday, June 28, 2010

Route of Land(Path 3-Battle With A Criminal)

After four days of traveling,Syrfan reached the outskirts of the Hair village.

"Well, well, who's coming here?" A guard was looking at someone.A minute later....

"Aaaaargh!" The guard was killed by a criminal called Nazyl Dugron,a wanted criminal in Zyland who known to kill guards.

"What the!" Syrfan shocked with the scream. He rushed to there and....

"Nazyl!" "Take that!" Syrfan performed the same shockwave attack. The villagers rushed out and saw the fight.

"That guard...wait...did that man say Nazyl?" The Hare village chief, Hynof Dugron thought something about the criminal,who is his son. At the meantime,

"That foolish attack won't work on me!" Nazyl deflected and countered the attack.

"Now,feel my power!" He used the same attack used by Syrfan just now.

"If that is it,then you are nothing but a crap!" Syrfan went towards the shockwave. He was running towards Nazyl while putting his sword on the ground.

"Isn't that the earth hawk attack?" The crowd stunned with his attack.

"Not that fast,sucker!" Nazyl taunted Syrfan. As Syrfan approached him,he lifted his sword upwards,deflecting the earth hawk attack,but a laser beam emerged from Syrfan's sword and hit him.Nazyl fell on the ground.

"Now,surrender or you'll die," Syrfan pointed his sword on Nazyl's throat. Other guards arrived and arrested Nazyl.

"Thanks for your help,young brave one," Hynof thanked him.

"It's too late by now,please come in. We have some important things to tell you," A guard told Syrfan to go into the village. Hare village becomes more lively as the chosen one is there.

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