Saturday, July 10, 2010

Route of Land(Path 14-The Fight Begins)

The next morning,Tefler and Syrfan woke up.Tefler tried to wake Clair up at the girls' room but stopped by Syrfan.
"See this," Syrfan pointed on the plate on the door. The plate writing showed "Girls' room. Men are strictly off limits. And don't even try to knock this door." They wait for Clair to woke up for 15 minutes. Then, Clair woke up, had a shower, and when she came out from the Girls' room, she shocked that both of them are waiting for her.

"OK. Let's go," Syrfan called Tefler and Clair to go. They went to the coliseum, queued up to register their names and made final preparation. Muzert, Quaf, Belfon, Deoka and Zheng Fu had also registered. Deoka also brought Eyfen along. Syrfan shocked that Eyfen also registered for the competition.

"You think I'm just a clerk? I can defeat thugs using pens, you know," Eyfen scolded Syrfan.

"Calm down. I'd rather want to see you utilize your pen," Syrfan erased her anger.

"All participants, please come to the fighter's chamber now!" Agel made an announcement using a microphone. The contestants went into the fighters' chamber and took their randomly chosen numbers.
Syrfan's number is 9, Tefler's number is 6, Clair's number is11, Zheng Fu's number is 15, Eyfen's number is 21, Muzert's number is 25, Quaf's number is 1, Belfon's number is 4 and Deoka's number is 32.

"Since that the number of contestants this year is 32, we'll have direct knockout matches opposed to group match. Except for finals and the first round, the fights are reshuffled for each level. For the first round, contestant no.1 will fight no.2, no3. will fight no.4 and so on," Agel announced to the contestants.

"Contestant no.1 and no.2, please proceed to the first arena. Contestant no3. and no.4, please proceed to the second arena. Contestant no.5 and no.6, please proceed to the third arena.Contestants no.7 and no.8, please proceed to the fourth arena. Others please wait while watching the fights," He added.

"Good luck then!" Syrfan wished for their first victory.
At the first arena, Quaf fought Digazrel Gictar, a miner at the gold mine near Valin, a port town southeast of Dugras.

"Ready...fight!" A referee announced the start of the fight. Digazrel started his attack by launching a slash wave on Quaf using his mining axe. Quaf punched the wave, jumped to the center and punched the ground. Digazrel were flew upwards, fell down, crashed the ground and fainted.

At the second arena, Belfon fought Istfen Mazdop, a gunner from Hare village. She shot Belfon using her machine gun. Yet, he avoided her attacks and rushed towards her. Istfen attempted to knock him out by swing her machine gun, but he broked her machine gun's barrel and connected it with his lance and launched shoot slash attack(an attack which a melee weapon slashed and shoot an enemy at the same time)on her, knocking her down instantly.

At the third arena, Tefler fought Darren Facuv, a magician from Blazet, a port town north of Syn.
Tefler started his attack by casting tornado on Darren, yet he retaliated by casting gravity on himself. He were standing still on the arena, unaffected by the tornadoes' stong winds. Tefler casted space on Darren, causing his gravity spell cancelled and he was thrown out from the arena.

At the fourth arena, Xigas Iflid, a hunter from Norch,a port city in Zyland northeast of Syn, fought Resen Funer, a geomancer from Dlig, a town at the Zyland-Oszer borders.

Xigas started shot laser beam towards Resen while he launched earth wave on Xigas back, which both attacks hit each other. He was heavily injured that he was standing like a drunk man but Xigas were knocked out from the arena. The other battles will start afterwards...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Route of Land(Path 13-Preparation)

While there is still time for them to prepare for the competition, the villagers renewed the posters, the fighters were training and the shopkeepers were too busy with their customers. At the Sorelm lake, Syrfan, Zheng Fu and Belfon was training their focus.
"Split blade!" Syrfan split his weapon into three and destroyed Zheng Fu's Chinese bronze coin dagger and Belfon's strech blade lance.

"Whoa, I'm beat," Belfon was too tired.

"Your focus ability was too weak," Zheng Fu told Belfon.

"I wondered what is my problem," Belfon replied.

"Let me see...I think that your weapon drains your spiritual energy once you are in remote control mode. You need to recustomize the weapon," Syrfan checked Belfon's weapon and gave some comments.

"Try fix my weapon," Belfon asked Syrfan for help.

"OK," Syrfan changed the lance's design and internal shafts.

"Fixed, now test it," Syrfan asked him to test the lance. He felt that the new lance was more easier to control and lasts longer.

"I think I'll refine this later," He stopped his training and went back to his camp. At the meantime, Tefler and Clair were at the outer walls of the village.

"It's been a long time, right, Princess?"Tefler asked Clair.

"Yep. I can't forget how you cried when we depart from our first date," Clair smiled.

"Yeah,that is our first kiss then. I won't be able to imagine how romantic that was," Tefler smiled too.

"I hope that I can join you but I think I need Syrfan's approval,"

"Syrfan might want more companions. I'll ask him tonight,"

In the afternoon, Syrfan, Tefler and Zheng Fu trained their skills at the lake until night. At night, near the coliseum, while Clair was sleeping in girls' room and Zheng Fu were with his family.

"Syrfan, I have some important request," Tefler told Syrfan.

"I know what you want.I need to see if Zheng Fu agreed to join us. He said that he will join us regardless of her presence, but he need to talk with his family first. I'll wait until he give me an answer," Syrfan answered.

"Well, I won't join you," Zheng Fu suddenly appeared. "I need to stick to my family," He added.

"Thanks for your help. May we have a great battle then," Syrfan gave him a thumbs up while he left the room.

"You know what that mean, right?" Syrfan told him.

"Thanks. At least I can escort her to Riv and marry her there," Tefler replied.

"So, you don't want to join me to the end?" Syrfan felt weird of his statement.

"No. I have my missions in my country," Tefler answered him.

"I understand. At least, it is my mission, right?" Syrfan smiled.

"Let's sleep. Better not wake up late tomorrow!" Tefler reminded Syrfan and went to sleep. Syrfan slept with him at the boys' room, as the rooms are separated by gender and designed like a dorm. Tomorrow will be another day of fights...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Route of Land(Path 12-Reunion)

"That demon...I can't believe the aura it is emitting," Syrfan shocked by the aura of the demon, being instense and the trails of dark aura was close to each other.

"That demonic holds the power that I cannot handle alone," Zheng Fu worried about his strength.

"I've seen that person before, but where?" Tefler and Clair was staring sharply at each other. A few seconds later,

"Hey, there's no time for reunion!" Syrfan shouted at them. The demonic machine awakens and launched homing missiles to them, yet they were destroyed. Then, it spins and shot laser beams on them. Syrfan and Zheng Fu slid on the ground and kicked its leg, while Tefler and Clair jumped and pierced its arms from above using their weapons. The demonic machine's arm and legs are broken,but its head and body was still active. Its body cover was opened and shot lots of rockets on them.

"Targeting confusion!" Tefler and Clair casted the spell on the rockets and the rockets were moved towards it, yet they were blocked when it formed a barrier around him. At the meantime, Syrfan rushed and cut through the barrier and its body. Zheng Fu assisted by shooting Chinese bronze coins on its head, making the machine exploded.

"Looks like I have to deal with you instead," The mysterious voice appeared again. Then, another demon appeared in the coliseum.

"Where is my family?" Zheng Fu asked the demon angrily.

"Defeat me first!" The demon attacked him by throwing knives on him.

"Soul vengeance!" Clair casted the spell on him. The souls he trapped within his body was released and he turned into dust.

"That demon is nothing compared to the ones I defeated in the past," Clair talked to Tefler. The souls released are then went back to their bodies. Zheng Fu's family then went into the coliseum and had a reunion with him.

"Good job, fighters," The real village chief went into the coliseum too.

"So, Mr.Agel Jost, can you explain this?" Syrfan asked Agel.

"I happened yesterday when the demons attacked our village and put my and the others' soul in the demon's body. Then, they continued the competition with the intend to murder you."

"Then,the other four are?" Tefler wondered about the other finalists identity.

"Don't equalize us with the impostors!" They appeared as if they weren't injured.

"We were also got our souls embedded within that jerk's body. Furthermore, they filled our body with the demon souls," They explained the situation.

"Well, at least I feel grateful that the naive girl isn't hurt at all. Eyfen, go get some rest. You must be tired," Agel relieved that the girl in the colliseum was safe.

"Yeah, she acted as if nothing happened," Clair disagreed with him.

"But I did not get anything even scratch right, dad?"Eyfen suddenly appeared from nowhere and argued with her.

"You fool, Eyfen! You became a tool for the demons!" Agel scolded her.

"What?" Eyfen shocked and cried.

"That's enough. Don't cry, my dear. It's over, right?" Deoka hugged and calmed her.

"Would you consider for a...?" Agel asked the fighters but was interrupted by Syrfan.

"Rematch? NO! You have brought us to this trouble and you want us to waste our time again?" Syrfan scolded Agel.

"Consider this your official training. Don't forget what Yaden said earlier," Tefler reminded him about the advice.

"OK,OK. I'll fight again," Syrfan agreed to have a rematch.

"Yay! I can see the matches again!" Eyfen gave a cheerful smile.

"For now, rest at one of our special inns. They are free for the fighters joining the competition," They have one day before the real bout begins...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Route of Land(Path 11-Dog Eat Dog)

The finalists were waiting for their next instructions.
"Well, well. Congratulations on entering the finals," A mysterious voice emerged from nowhere. "Syrfan Sigmeund, Tefler Zargaso, Yap Zheng Fu, Clair Tyranof, Muzert Nugwon, Quaf Jaxih, Belfon Waret, and Deoka Egans,you all done very well,"

"Now,I'll explain the rules.You will be teleported to random places in a forest hollogram. You must defeat anyone you encountered and the last 4 fighters standing will fight a demon and the best fighter is the winner." The mysterious voice disappeared and they were teleported randomly. Syrfan ran north to search for Muzert, but he met Quaf instead.

"I'm Quaf Jaxih. Well...a S-grade just a piece of rust!" He launched a purple shockwave to Syrfan.

"You are just about the same as me!" Syrfan jumped and tried to attack him directly from above.

"Mirror strike!" A blade emerged from the ground, pierced his body causing him flew upwards and get hit by Syrfan's sword and the blade. But, he breaked the swords, freed and healed himself as if he was not injured at all.

"What?" Syrfan shocked with his incredible selfheal abilities.

"Ice stalagmite!" He punched the ground and lots of ice stalagmites formed surrounding him.An ice stalagmite also formed within him, leaving him frozen.

"I can't imagine how do you think, low class!" Syrfan was unsuprised by his attack.

"Internal electricity!" Syrfan shot a electrical beam towards Quaf.

"Arrrrgh!" Quaf's body became black as he was electrocuted by the attack. He was finally defeated. At the meantime, Tefler met up with Belfon.

"You shall meet you doom," He threw his lance.

"Burn!" Tefler burned the lance and avoided his attack. The lance was teleported back to him, but his hand was burnt that he was unable to hold the burning lance.

"How dare you!"He kicked the lance and controlled it telepathically.

"Take that!"Tefler did the same on his boomerang. They clashed again and again. After a few minutes, Belfon fainted and lose the battle as he was unable to focus anymore and fainted on the ground.
By the way, Zheng Yu encountered Deoka.

"A taoist? I can't resist to kill you," He cast the chaos blade ignalial on Zheng Yu this time.

"I'm not that high graded yet," Zheng Yu casted mirror at the center of the battlefield and Deoka was hit instead.

""He spoke his final words as he was defeated. At the southeastern corner of the forest, Clair was facing Muzert.

"Crap!" Muzert casted meteor shower on Clair. She punched the meteors and the meteors was directed towards him instead.

"Oh no!" He was able to dodge all the meteors.

"Ocean rush!"She casted the spell and water was rising up. But while the water level was still at their feet level,

"Freeze!" He cast the spell. The water was stopped rising and turned into ice instead, yet they were able to break free themselves.

"Rainbow strike!" He cast the spell on her but she managed to jump out and landed on the ice. He also jumped out towards her and casted concrete wall on her. She was embedded in the wall
He kicked the wall and landed on the ice, causing her to was hurt badly.

"You are going to die!" He launched ice wave on her.

"Or is it you?" She shot an ice crescent on him. The ice wave was directed back on him by the ice crescent and hit him instead. He was fainted on the ground. The remaining four were telported back to the coliseum. They were shocked that a demon was standing on the center. They are now facing the demon...

Route of Land(Path 10-Tournament of Hell)

"Now, we'll dividing you into four group and you will fight each other. The last two standing from each group will enter the finals," The announcer explained the rules and the fighters were teleported to the arenas. In the first arena, which looked like a floating forest,
"Well, I just have to beat six people, eh?" He thought a strategy.
Muzert Nugwon, a warlock from Syn cast meteor rain to all other fighters in the arena. The meteors were targeted on them.

"Astro barrier!" Syrfan cast the spell and defended himself. Others was just running towards Muzert and attacked him.

"Useless junk!" Muzert cast fire sphere on himself.The sphere rolled around the arena and hit the fighters who attacked him, which were knocked out off the arena, leaving Syrfan and Muzert advancing to the finals. At the meantime, Tefler was teleported to the second arena, an arena looked like oasis. He shocked that six fighters aimed their guns to him.

"Barrier!"He clamed himself, cast the spell on himself and he runned towards them and knocked their guns off their hands.

"Barrier crush?"Quaf Jaxih,a normal fighter from Syn laid under a tree and shocked with the attack by Tefler.

"Better don't interfere or I'll lose."He decided to just watch.

"Boomerang slash!"Tefler thrown his new boomerang to them. They ran to avoid the attack but they all failed and knocked to the ground unconsciously, leaving Tefler and Quaf advancing to the finals. At the meantime, Zheng Fu was teleported to the the third arena, which looked like a meadow, the fighters were fighting themselves except Belfon Waret, a lancer from Syn threw his lance on him.
Zheng Fu laid down to the ground and the lance hit two fighting fighters and they were killed instantly. Belfon retrived the lance by teleporting the lance to him, which shocked him.

"You'll die today."Belfon launched a lance wave towards him and he ran through another two fighting fighters. Belfon extended his lance to attack him, but it misses and kill the another two instead. The other pair frightened and targeted the lancer using rocket launchers.

"Rockets,huh?"He launched the same lance wave and the rockets were targetting them instead. They ran towards to the back of Belfon but he launced the lance wave through his legs' opening. The lance wave hit them, leaving them unconscious. He jumped to avoid the rockets while Zheng Fu caught them and saved them from the rockets. That meant Belfon and Zheng Fu advanced to the finals.
While at the fourth arena, which is totally dark,

"Chaos blade ignalial!" Deoka Egans,a dark swordsman from Syn cast the spell on the fighters. Swords were struck upwards from a magic circle formed on their legs. The others were killed instantly, except Clair Tyranof, a magician from Riv (the capital of Oszer)emmiting holy aura were able to dodge it, leaving her and Deoka advancing to the finals. Then, the finalists were teleported back to the fighters chamber. Syrfan, Tefler, and Zheng Fu gathered and relieved that they are safe. Shortly afterwards,the finalists were teleported to a forest. They will soon face another terrifying fight...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Route of Land(Path 9-Tactics)

While they were in the fighter's chamber,
"Are you Lim Yan Jun?" Tefler asked for Zheng Fu's identity.

"No, I'm his student.He passed away several weeks ago." He answered. "I'm Yap Zheng Fu, the royal adviser of ritual affairs of Zyland." He added.

"Why are you helping us?" Syrfan felt weird about his assistance.

"I must rescue my family," Zheng Fu replied with extremely serious voice.

"So,you know about our quest, then?" Tefler asked for more information.

"Yes, the holy weapons are not our target, but it is associated with the demons at here," Zheng Fu explained further.

"What?" Syrfan was stunned by his statement.

"The demons want to destroy the holy weapons in order to prevent the demon lord being exposed to the humans. Once the holy weapons are gathered, they will bring the chosen ones to the demon's lair, which they are not desiring. Yet, there are some demons attempt to destroy the demon lord to prevent him and his minions corrupt the realm of hell and thus prevent the humans attempting to destroy them." Zheng Fu affirmed Syrfan.

"Now, what is our plan?" Tefler asked for next move.

"We win the competition and kill all demons at here. You'll get the items you need and I'll get my family." Zheng Fu explained.

"So,how is the competition is done?" Syrfan asked for more information.

"The contestants are divided to four groups and the first and second place winner in each group will proceed to the finals where they have to fight the demons since that this tournament is now controlled by the demons," Zheng Fu explained about the competition.

"Is there any other people who will help us?" Tefler worried that they will fight alone.

"I think there will be a person assisting us," Syrfan affirmed Tefler.

"You are right. I sensed someone is emitting holy aura somewhere," Zheng Fu agreed with Syrfan.

"All contestants please proceed to the coliseum now," An announcer announced to the contestants.

"We'll begin our plan and meet at the finals," Syrfan told the others.

"Let's go," All of them agreed and went into the coliseum. The competition will begin and they will face the unexpected opponents...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Route of Land(Path 8-Terror Blockage)

While they are rushing to Syn village,
"Are you sure to join the competition?"Syrfan asked Tefler.

"Of course, the prize is full S-class equipments of your job. That means that you are invincible after you won that tournament," Tefler replied.

"Don't take things for granted. Stats are nothing if you have no skill, wits and will," Syrfan gave Tefler advice.

"Stop it right there!" A knight shown up and blocked them.

"Who are you?" Tefler wondered what was happened.

"You need not to know because you are going to die!" The knight launched a ground blade wave, split to two towards them, which were dodged.

"Junk!" Syrfan was angry and he used the earth hawk attack as a counterattack and the knight fainted after he was hit. They rushed quickly towards Syn village, knowing that they will be prevented from entering the competition.

"Why they are trying to stop us?" Tefler felt weird about the blocking of their movement.

"I think because they are trying to prevent us from entering the competition," Syrfan suggested that someone are behind this.

"Follow me,"A yin yang magician showed himself. His name is Yap Zheng Fu, a yin yang magician form Syn village.

"OK."They had no choice but to believe him and they were teleported to the village and found out that Agel Jost,the village chief wanted to meet them.

"Looks like some of my people have been trying to kill you," Agel showed up.

"You are the fake one, bastard!" Tefler cast Earth Ignalial on him after sensed dark aura emitted from him. An rock pillar suddenly struck up from the fake Agel.

"You'll regret that!" He vanished.

"Looks like this place is full of cheaters," Zheng Fu warned them to be careful.

"I think it is better to go into the coliseum," He teleported them to the coliseum.

"Are you joining this competition?" A girl on the registration desk called and asked them.

"Yes,"Syrfan answered her while they were filling the registration form.

"Please go to the fighter's chamber now," She instructed them after received the forms.

"First is a knight, then the fake village chief, what's next?" Syrfan worried about the trio's safety.