Sunday, July 4, 2010

Route of Land(Path 9-Tactics)

While they were in the fighter's chamber,
"Are you Lim Yan Jun?" Tefler asked for Zheng Fu's identity.

"No, I'm his student.He passed away several weeks ago." He answered. "I'm Yap Zheng Fu, the royal adviser of ritual affairs of Zyland." He added.

"Why are you helping us?" Syrfan felt weird about his assistance.

"I must rescue my family," Zheng Fu replied with extremely serious voice.

"So,you know about our quest, then?" Tefler asked for more information.

"Yes, the holy weapons are not our target, but it is associated with the demons at here," Zheng Fu explained further.

"What?" Syrfan was stunned by his statement.

"The demons want to destroy the holy weapons in order to prevent the demon lord being exposed to the humans. Once the holy weapons are gathered, they will bring the chosen ones to the demon's lair, which they are not desiring. Yet, there are some demons attempt to destroy the demon lord to prevent him and his minions corrupt the realm of hell and thus prevent the humans attempting to destroy them." Zheng Fu affirmed Syrfan.

"Now, what is our plan?" Tefler asked for next move.

"We win the competition and kill all demons at here. You'll get the items you need and I'll get my family." Zheng Fu explained.

"So,how is the competition is done?" Syrfan asked for more information.

"The contestants are divided to four groups and the first and second place winner in each group will proceed to the finals where they have to fight the demons since that this tournament is now controlled by the demons," Zheng Fu explained about the competition.

"Is there any other people who will help us?" Tefler worried that they will fight alone.

"I think there will be a person assisting us," Syrfan affirmed Tefler.

"You are right. I sensed someone is emitting holy aura somewhere," Zheng Fu agreed with Syrfan.

"All contestants please proceed to the coliseum now," An announcer announced to the contestants.

"We'll begin our plan and meet at the finals," Syrfan told the others.

"Let's go," All of them agreed and went into the coliseum. The competition will begin and they will face the unexpected opponents...

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