Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Route of Land(Path 11-Dog Eat Dog)

The finalists were waiting for their next instructions.
"Well, well. Congratulations on entering the finals," A mysterious voice emerged from nowhere. "Syrfan Sigmeund, Tefler Zargaso, Yap Zheng Fu, Clair Tyranof, Muzert Nugwon, Quaf Jaxih, Belfon Waret, and Deoka Egans,you all done very well,"

"Now,I'll explain the rules.You will be teleported to random places in a forest hollogram. You must defeat anyone you encountered and the last 4 fighters standing will fight a demon and the best fighter is the winner." The mysterious voice disappeared and they were teleported randomly. Syrfan ran north to search for Muzert, but he met Quaf instead.

"I'm Quaf Jaxih. Well...a S-grade knight...is just a piece of rust!" He launched a purple shockwave to Syrfan.

"You are just about the same as me!" Syrfan jumped and tried to attack him directly from above.

"Mirror strike!" A blade emerged from the ground, pierced his body causing him flew upwards and get hit by Syrfan's sword and the blade. But, he breaked the swords, freed and healed himself as if he was not injured at all.

"What?" Syrfan shocked with his incredible selfheal abilities.

"Ice stalagmite!" He punched the ground and lots of ice stalagmites formed surrounding him.An ice stalagmite also formed within him, leaving him frozen.

"I can't imagine how do you think, low class!" Syrfan was unsuprised by his attack.

"Internal electricity!" Syrfan shot a electrical beam towards Quaf.

"Arrrrgh!" Quaf's body became black as he was electrocuted by the attack. He was finally defeated. At the meantime, Tefler met up with Belfon.

"You shall meet you doom," He threw his lance.

"Burn!" Tefler burned the lance and avoided his attack. The lance was teleported back to him, but his hand was burnt that he was unable to hold the burning lance.

"How dare you!"He kicked the lance and controlled it telepathically.

"Take that!"Tefler did the same on his boomerang. They clashed again and again. After a few minutes, Belfon fainted and lose the battle as he was unable to focus anymore and fainted on the ground.
By the way, Zheng Yu encountered Deoka.

"A taoist? I can't resist to kill you," He cast the chaos blade ignalial on Zheng Yu this time.

"I'm not that high graded yet," Zheng Yu casted mirror at the center of the battlefield and Deoka was hit instead.

"You...are...so...persistent..."He spoke his final words as he was defeated. At the southeastern corner of the forest, Clair was facing Muzert.

"Crap!" Muzert casted meteor shower on Clair. She punched the meteors and the meteors was directed towards him instead.

"Oh no!" He was able to dodge all the meteors.

"Ocean rush!"She casted the spell and water was rising up. But while the water level was still at their feet level,

"Freeze!" He cast the spell. The water was stopped rising and turned into ice instead, yet they were able to break free themselves.

"Rainbow strike!" He cast the spell on her but she managed to jump out and landed on the ice. He also jumped out towards her and casted concrete wall on her. She was embedded in the wall
He kicked the wall and landed on the ice, causing her to was hurt badly.

"You are going to die!" He launched ice wave on her.

"Or is it you?" She shot an ice crescent on him. The ice wave was directed back on him by the ice crescent and hit him instead. He was fainted on the ground. The remaining four were telported back to the coliseum. They were shocked that a demon was standing on the center. They are now facing the demon...

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