Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Route of Land(Path 10-Tournament of Hell)

"Now, we'll dividing you into four group and you will fight each other. The last two standing from each group will enter the finals," The announcer explained the rules and the fighters were teleported to the arenas. In the first arena, which looked like a floating forest,
"Well, I just have to beat six people, eh?" He thought a strategy.
Muzert Nugwon, a warlock from Syn cast meteor rain to all other fighters in the arena. The meteors were targeted on them.

"Astro barrier!" Syrfan cast the spell and defended himself. Others was just running towards Muzert and attacked him.

"Useless junk!" Muzert cast fire sphere on himself.The sphere rolled around the arena and hit the fighters who attacked him, which were knocked out off the arena, leaving Syrfan and Muzert advancing to the finals. At the meantime, Tefler was teleported to the second arena, an arena looked like oasis. He shocked that six fighters aimed their guns to him.

"Barrier!"He clamed himself, cast the spell on himself and he runned towards them and knocked their guns off their hands.

"Barrier crush?"Quaf Jaxih,a normal fighter from Syn laid under a tree and shocked with the attack by Tefler.

"Better don't interfere or I'll lose."He decided to just watch.

"Boomerang slash!"Tefler thrown his new boomerang to them. They ran to avoid the attack but they all failed and knocked to the ground unconsciously, leaving Tefler and Quaf advancing to the finals. At the meantime, Zheng Fu was teleported to the the third arena, which looked like a meadow, the fighters were fighting themselves except Belfon Waret, a lancer from Syn threw his lance on him.
Zheng Fu laid down to the ground and the lance hit two fighting fighters and they were killed instantly. Belfon retrived the lance by teleporting the lance to him, which shocked him.

"You'll die today."Belfon launched a lance wave towards him and he ran through another two fighting fighters. Belfon extended his lance to attack him, but it misses and kill the another two instead. The other pair frightened and targeted the lancer using rocket launchers.

"Rockets,huh?"He launched the same lance wave and the rockets were targetting them instead. They ran towards to the back of Belfon but he launced the lance wave through his legs' opening. The lance wave hit them, leaving them unconscious. He jumped to avoid the rockets while Zheng Fu caught them and saved them from the rockets. That meant Belfon and Zheng Fu advanced to the finals.
While at the fourth arena, which is totally dark,

"Chaos blade ignalial!" Deoka Egans,a dark swordsman from Syn cast the spell on the fighters. Swords were struck upwards from a magic circle formed on their legs. The others were killed instantly, except Clair Tyranof, a magician from Riv (the capital of Oszer)emmiting holy aura were able to dodge it, leaving her and Deoka advancing to the finals. Then, the finalists were teleported back to the fighters chamber. Syrfan, Tefler, and Zheng Fu gathered and relieved that they are safe. Shortly afterwards,the finalists were teleported to a forest. They will soon face another terrifying fight...

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