Saturday, July 3, 2010

Route of Land(Path 8-Terror Blockage)

While they are rushing to Syn village,
"Are you sure to join the competition?"Syrfan asked Tefler.

"Of course, the prize is full S-class equipments of your job. That means that you are invincible after you won that tournament," Tefler replied.

"Don't take things for granted. Stats are nothing if you have no skill, wits and will," Syrfan gave Tefler advice.

"Stop it right there!" A knight shown up and blocked them.

"Who are you?" Tefler wondered what was happened.

"You need not to know because you are going to die!" The knight launched a ground blade wave, split to two towards them, which were dodged.

"Junk!" Syrfan was angry and he used the earth hawk attack as a counterattack and the knight fainted after he was hit. They rushed quickly towards Syn village, knowing that they will be prevented from entering the competition.

"Why they are trying to stop us?" Tefler felt weird about the blocking of their movement.

"I think because they are trying to prevent us from entering the competition," Syrfan suggested that someone are behind this.

"Follow me,"A yin yang magician showed himself. His name is Yap Zheng Fu, a yin yang magician form Syn village.

"OK."They had no choice but to believe him and they were teleported to the village and found out that Agel Jost,the village chief wanted to meet them.

"Looks like some of my people have been trying to kill you," Agel showed up.

"You are the fake one, bastard!" Tefler cast Earth Ignalial on him after sensed dark aura emitted from him. An rock pillar suddenly struck up from the fake Agel.

"You'll regret that!" He vanished.

"Looks like this place is full of cheaters," Zheng Fu warned them to be careful.

"I think it is better to go into the coliseum," He teleported them to the coliseum.

"Are you joining this competition?" A girl on the registration desk called and asked them.

"Yes,"Syrfan answered her while they were filling the registration form.

"Please go to the fighter's chamber now," She instructed them after received the forms.

"First is a knight, then the fake village chief, what's next?" Syrfan worried about the trio's safety.

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